A Detailed Oriented Guide about Custom Packaging

The trend of custom packaging is in front of all of us. It’s rising in the developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia etc. The reason is that the people are shifting themselves from traditional packaging approaches. You might have heard that good packaging can build your brand. Well, that is 100 percent true and we will try to prove that with help of some important points. Before complete examination, I will have some short discussion.

You should never forget this fact that the packaging box of your item is the first thing that any one will consider before buying anything. An attractive packaging can play a game changing role in your company. If your product is good but you are not paying the attention towards its packaging then your competitor can take the advantage of situation as well. So, choose a packaging company wisely. I will also recommend you to provide some eye catching looks to the retail packaging boxes, as they are mostly used by the companies. I have personally witness the both of scenarios. Some of the companies pay extra attention towards their product packaging while some of them neglect them too. That is very common everywhere. In this guide, we will discuss some points by which you can choose the prefect custom product packaging for your brand. That’s why you can read this post till the end to get some extra-ordinary knowledge about the custom packaging. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. We will start from the scratch and try to cover till the end. So, now we can move towards our main topic that is a detailed guide about custom product packaging


How to Select Custom Packaging for Brands 

Let’s suppose that you are going to start a business. The first thing that you might consider is about your product packaging. Obviously, it should be economical, Eco-friendly and attractive as well. So, there are some steps to follow before finalizing a custom packaging company for your business. Let us discuss these steps one by one for you.

Dimensions of your Product or Box

When you will contact a packaging company, the first question that they might ask you is about the dimensions of your box. If you are unsure about the dimensions of your box, just tell them the exact dimensions of your product. Secondly, just let them know if you are looking for snug or loose fitting for your boxes. This step is mandatory for you. Because no company can help you without knowing the exact dimensions. For measuring the product dimension you need a scale and simply measure its height, weight and depth. That is first and foremost step that you have to follow even before contacting a packaging firm.

Choose a Box Style and Stock as per your own desire

Now the 2nd step in our list is the selection of box style and stock. In this regard, you can get help from any packaging company. So, they would be able to provide you a box style chart. For the customer’s assistance, everyone has created the box style chart. You can select the box style from that chart. But, remember, that after finalizing the style you must show it to the concerned packaging company. So, they can recommend if it is suitable for you.


Now let’s discuss about the selection of stock. If you are a newbie and want to keep the selection of stock in a simple process then you can contact your custom packaging company to show them some stocks that are suitable for your box as per your product’s weight. Otherwise, the normally used stocks are Kraft and cardboard for the retail packaging. While for the shipping purposes corrugated stock is used as it is thick and can contain fragile product inside it.

People who sell luxury products can use rigid stock for them. Rigid is a thick stock that is mostly used for luxury products as it is expensive. I think these basic definitions are enough for a newbie.

Choose Artwork and other Printing Options

Most of the experts claim that a good artwork plays an important role for the product packaging. Without the attractive artwork your box cant attractive the desired customer. Most of the big companies hire giant design companies that can prepare an attractive artwork for them. While small businesses cannot hire design companies as they have budget problems. For them, packaging companies are offering free designs support. You can share the idea and packaging companies will prepare the artwork for you without any additional cost. This is a great support for the small business that are looking for custom printed boxes wholesale. There are many online printing companies like “vista print” that are operating all over the world and offering high quality printing services in the USA and all over the world as well.

Choose Lamination:

Lamination is done on the boxes to enhance their looks and it also protects the boxes from other factors. Usually you have to select from matte and velvet laminations. Usually, there are some other options available as well that includes velvet and aqua lamination. Velvet lamination is usually expensive that’s why people like to remain on the option of Matte or Gloss lamination only.

Add-on Features:

In the field of custom packaging, you can see many add-on features that include gold/silver foil, holographic foil, emboss and de-boss etc. These features are used by the companies on variety of boxes especially for the cosmetic boxes. In the next part of articles we will share our final conclusion as we have already discussed all the basic information about the custom packaging that you must need before ordering custom boxes for your needs. 

The Final Conclusion:

So, we have tried to share some very basic till the advanced level information that would be helpful for both beginners and experts at the same time. I will highly encourage to read this complete guide thoroughly before buying custom boxes for your needs. If you have any questions regarding the packaging, you can feel free to contact us. This blog has been made for the people who want to seek some knowledge regarding the custom packaging. Personally I prefer Quick Boxes Packaging LLC Texas for the packaging of custom boxes as I have tested them. They are good for me regarding personalized boxes on wholesale rates in the USA. I can only recommend someone on behalf of my experience. There are also some big packaging brands like uprinting, uline etc.  




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